Customized Turntable

Turntables to synchronize with a Studio or Mobile App for multiple categories - Furniture, Apparel Modelling, Shoes, Bags, Watches etc.

Our well designed system helps you produce high quality image presentations quickly. Whether you have 2 products in your catalogue or 100s, our productive workflow can meet your requirements quickly and efficiently.

Turnaround 360

Mobile App to create 360 images instantly. Shoot, turn and build 360 with the mobile app anywhere. Turnaround360 helps you take 360 degree photographs for FREE by simply rotating the object/person. You decide the angel, number of images, and duration of recording. All this without the risk of pictures being blurred or camera being shaken as it is the product that moves and you get a steady clear 360 degree picture. It is the closest you can get to realistic shopping experience with the help of Turnaround 360.

Application features

  • Create and publish 360 degree views instantly
  • Manage and publish catalogs
  • Upload directly to cloud and Facebook
  • 100% custom settings for number of clicks and duration

When Recording

  • Rotate the product clockwise
  • Keep the camera static
  • Keep the background clutter free and clean (preferably white)

Turnaround 360 Studio Software

Enterprise studio software to preview, build and publish 360 views of multiple products in a single job.

DIY 360

Create Turnaround 360 models instantly on the web. Yes! You can try for yourself and see the big difference 360 degree product spins can make to your website. Use the camera you own, or your mobile phone camera and send us the pics. We will make a Turnaround model from your product images and provide you a link to add the Turnaround model.